Evening Glow of Big Bear Lake - "Monty"


About Monty:

Monty was an absolutely decent dog. With Monty one could recognize the much described somewhat sad expression, which itself - as soon as it goes to the work - changed in a highly concentrated and a motivated expression. At home and on journeys I experienced Monty as an extremely pleasant, uncomplicated and overslept contemporary, while he was very motivated and easily conductible at work.
With other dogs Monty was really exceptional and very sovereign.


*19.03.2003 - 11.10.2017

Chip-No.: 968000000383834
ATC-Number: ATCAK00383AUT

Age: 14 years 6 months 23 days

Height: 52 cm
Weight: 19 kg

Sire: Solvingas Serri E Ba-Mi
Dam: Sienna Red´s Sweet Pepper

Registration: FCI ÖHZB DRET 53
Breeder: Waltraut Brinda
Owner: Ing. Gernot Sadovsky
Show: Excellent
Breeding permission: proven (ÖRC/ÖKV/FCI)
Hip clearance: FCI A
Eye clearance: ECVO free
Elbow clearance: FCI free
Buff coloration: OFA 1857860 Normal/Clear
prcd-PRA status: Optigen 05-9466 Carrier
CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) status: Optigen 05-9466 Normal/Clear
Cleft Palate status: OFA 1857860 Carrier
Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status: OFA 1857860 Normal/Clear
Juvenile Addison's Disease status: OFA 1857860 Normal/Clear
DM status: OFA 1857860 Normal/Clear


Frozen semen also available upon request, stored at University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna)

Show Titels:

  • Austrian Youth Champion (AJCH) 
  • Austrian Champion (ACH) 
  • Champion International d'Exposition (CIE) 
  • Austrian Double Champion 2004
  • Bundessieger 2005 
  • Middle East European Winner 2009

Further Titels:

  • ÖRC Working Test Cup Best Toller 2007 and 2008
  • ÖRC Showcup Best Toller 2004, 2005 and 2007
  • ÖKV Showcup 2004: 1. Rank Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, 3. Rank Overall FCI Gruppe VIII

Tests and Trials



Puppy Class - Working Test Seckau, Stmk. (A) 02.05.2004 not passed
Fun - Working Test in St. Johann/ Pg. (A) 06.10.2005 3rd rank
Fun - Working Test in St. Johann/ Pg. (A) 08.10.2006 2nd rank
Puppy Class - Workingtest Gelfingen (CH) 22.10.2006 1st rank - excellent
Dummy1 - Banners X-Mas Trial 2006 Uster (CH) 25.11.2006 9th rank - very good
Novice Class - Working Test CSS Seefeld, Tirol (A) 27.05.2007 14th rank - good
Combination Show & Work CSS Seefeld (A) 27.05.2007 10th rank
Novice Class - Working Test Seefeld, Tirol (A) 28.05.2007 4th rank - very good
Novice Class - Working Test Maria Schmolln, OÖ (A) 09.06.2007 23rd rank - passed
Novice Class - Working Test Dunasziget Szigetköz Cup (H) 18.08.2007 8th rank - very good
Novice Class - Working Test Pillersee, Tirol (A) 22.09.2007 10th rank - very good
Novice Class - Working Test Finale Grub, NÖ (A) 29.09.2007 9th rank - good
ÖRC Working Test Cup 2007 (A) 26.05.2007 1st price in Toller
Intermediate Class - Working Test Stegersbach, Bgld. (A) 06.04.2008 11th rank - passed
Intermediate Class - Working Test Hallegg, Kärnten (A) 03.05.2008 17th rank - good
ÖRC Working Test Cup 2008 (A) 29.04.2009 1st price in Toller
CLA Game Fair 2009 (GB) - Euro Challenge 24.07.2009 6th rank - Team Austria
CLA Game Fair 2009 (GB) - Edgar Winter Trophy 25./26.07.2009 2nd rank - Team Austria






Crufts Birmingham NEC centre (UK) Veteran 09.03.2012 4. Rang, "reserve" Titel
10. NÖ Retrievertrophy Schloss Grafenegg/ NÖ (A) Veteranen 25.09.2011 V1, Veteranenbester, Best Senior
25. Clubsiegerschau Burg Clam/ OÖ (A) Veteranen 02.06.2011 V1, Veteranenbester
IHA Wels 2010 (A) Champion 04.12.2010 V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
Middle East European Winner Show (A) Champion 22.08.2009 V1, CACA, CACIB, M.E.E.W.  
ÖRC Ausstellungscup 2007 (A) - 29.04.2008 1st rank
21. Clubsiegerschau Seefeld/ Tirol (A) Champion 26.05.2007 V1, CACA
5. NÖ Retrievertrophy - Schloss Schallaburg, NÖ (A) Champion 01.10.2006 V1, CACA, BOB
ÖRC Ausstellungscup 2005 (A) - 29.04.2006 1st rank
IHA Wels 2005 (A) Open 03.12.2005 V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
IHA Tulln - Bundessieger 2005 (A) Open 01.10.2005 V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
FCI Eurodog - Tulln 2005 (A) Open 04.06.2005 V1
19. Clubsiegerschau "25 Jahre ÖRC" - Rosenburg, NÖ (A) Open 05.05.2005 V1, CACA, Clubsieger, BOB
ÖRC Ausstellungscup 2004 (A) - 29.04.2005 1st rank
ÖKV Ausstellungscup - Austrian Show Winner 2004 (A) - 18.02.2005 1st rank, 3rd rank FCI Group VIII
CACIB Tromostovje LJ 2005 (SLO) Open 16.01.2005 V1, CAC SLO, CACIB, BOB
CACIB Ljubljana 2005 (SLO) Open 15.01.2005 V1, CAC SLO, CACIB, BOB
IHA Wels 2004 (A) Intermediate 04.12.2004 V1
3. NÖ Retrievertrophy - Schloss Laxenburg, NÖ (A) Intermediate 26.09.2004 V1, CACA, Clubsieger
IHA Innsbruck 2004 (A) Intermediate 21.08.2004 V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
International Dog Show Szombathely 2004 (H) Intermediate 18.07.2004 V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3rd FCI Group VIII
IHA Oberwart 2004 (A) Intermediate 17.07.2004 V1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
Intercanis Brno (CZ) Intermediate 26.06.2004 V1, CAC, Res.CACIB
18. Clubsiegerschau - Abtei Seckau, Stmk. (A) Junior 01.05.2004 V1, JB, Clubjugendsieger, BOB
IHA Wieselburg 2004 (A) Junior 03.04.2004 V1, JB, BOB
IHA Graz 2004 Junior 06.03.2004 V1, JB, BOB
2. NÖ Retrievertrophy - Schloss Marchegg, NÖ (A) Puppy 05.10.2003 vv1

Image Gallery


Album of Monty celebrating his 14th birthday