When applying for a Duckweed's or Aingeal´s Share puppy we prefer people who are interested in gundog training. Tollers and Goldens are very active breeds that must get proper mental stimulation and a JOB in order to stay happy and healthy! To be able to provide a sound beginning, puppy buyers should attend our puppy kindergarten and additional trainings, if possible. We use positive reinforcement and clicker training in gundog training and in teaching our dogs new skills. If you would like to get more information about our dog training, please feel free and visit the internet pages of our dog school: Happy-Fellow® Coaching & Seminars

Our occasional litters are our treasures, excellent cared for, best pedigrees and very eager to work in any field from gundog work to search & rescue or dog dancing.
We are looking forward to meet a lot of interesting people and hopefully find excellent working homes for our occasional litters!


Important remarks to Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers:

Tollers are NOT little Golden Retrievers! If you can't keep this dog busy, don't get this dog. If you are looking for a dog who is happy with nothing more than a pleasant walk in the evening, look for another breed. Tollers love to work, but they are not always as easy to train as other breeds. They need to be challenged and engaged by their work, or they get bored and stop paying attention. If you want a dog who's going to learn by the book, or if you're at all unsure about your ability to train a dog who's a little different from the norm, the Toller may not be the breed for you. Many Tollers have a penetrating scream which they produce to indicate excitement and eagerness. This doesn't mean that all Tollers scream, but many do. Furthermore, if you are looking for a dog with that Golden or Lab attitude to be the world's best friend, then the Toller surely is not the right breed. 

A-Litter Aingeal´s Share

Macey gave birth to seven healthy puppies, 3 bitches and 4 dogs.

As we had a long waiting list all our puppies are assigned to their new owners.

Puppies out of our Aingeal´s Share A-Litter will be ready for their new families earliest by september 20th!

Regularly updated picture galleries are located at the end of this page.

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FCI Kennel Aingeal´s Share

Why Aingeal´s Share?

Basis for the kennel Aingeal´s Share was Gernot´s exceptional Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog "Monty" (Evening Glow of Big Bear Lake).
He had no offspring during his lifetime and so by bad luck his line would have almost ended. But we were so lucky to bring home his doughter Macey in 2018 out of a scotish litter in the Paludic kennel which is the kennel of our long friend Sally Sanford.

Sally used him on her really lovely and successful bitch "Lace" (Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic).


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Jet´s boys and girls - Jet´s Offspring

Jet´s Boys and Girls ... vom Walderkamm

On 21 November 2001 Jet mated Puma v.d. Woudstreek at Brigitte Kaltenböck´s Kennel "vom Walderkamm" in Gnadenwald / Tirol.

Sadly Puma preferred not to have puppies. She stayed emty.



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A-Litter Duckweed´s

On May 14th 2008 our Duckweed´s A litter was born! We are very proud of Emma and her clover. We have two girls and two boys!
Nicole will keep Duckweed´s Anya Acadia and Duckweed´s Angus Acadia (aka Gusy) and Gernot will keep Duckweed´s Acadian Fox (aka Danny) and Duckweed´s Acadian Jade.
So all puppys are staying with us!

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FCI Kennel Duckweed´s

Why Duckweed´s?

Well, Nicole was looking for a kennel name that refers to ducks and water. Originally Tollers were bred for luring in ducks and retrieving them after they were shot. Duck shootings normally take place at some sort of water, like ponds, lakes, streams, etc. After a short research in the field of botany I found my desired plant - duckweed! Finally, Duckweed's was the logical combination of water, ducks and a kennel name. ;o)


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