FCI Kennel Duckweed´s

Why Duckweed´s?

Well, Nicole was looking for a kennel name that refers to ducks and water. Originally Tollers were bred for luring in ducks and retrieving them after they were shot. Duck shootings normally take place at some sort of water, like ponds, lakes, streams, etc. After a short research in the field of botany I found my desired plant - duckweed! Finally, Duckweed's was the logical combination of water, ducks and a kennel name. ;o)


I am very pleased to breed eager and able working dogs of the breeds Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and Golden Retriever under the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

For the more interested ones among you, some additional information about the duckweed plant:
"Duckweed refers to species of free-floating, stemless aquatic plants touted for their uses in waste treatment, animal feed and pharmaceuticals. Known by botanists under the family of Lemnaceae, duckweed is believed to be both the world's smallest-flowering and fastest-growing plant. It grows 20 times faster than corn, doubling in size within a few days through a natural cloning method. It can tangle the lines of recreational fishermen casting near duckweed along still, freshwater areas where the plants thrive. Duckweed can be used to cleanse wastewater, reducing nitrogen and phosphorous in human waste. Duckweed produces more protein on average than soybeans. It can also be used to feed exotic fish being raised for aquaculture.”


Breeding program

In our Duckweed's kennel we produce litters when we feel the time is right for another puppy. We don't believe in producing a litter once a year or multiple litters throughout a year in one kennel. Our litters are planned very carefully, often years ahead, with breeding stock that is healthy, proves it's capability in gundog tests and is structurally sound. 

We aim to breed physically and mentally healthy dogs, with great working potential. This is the reason why we own retrievers of working lines!