Jet´s boys and girls - Jet´s Offspring

Jet´s Boys and Girls ... vom Walderkamm

On 21 November 2001 Jet mated Puma v.d. Woudstreek at Brigitte Kaltenböck´s Kennel "vom Walderkamm" in Gnadenwald / Tirol.

Sadly Puma preferred not to have puppies. She stayed emty.



A really pretty dam out of american lines. On one side it is Rosehill´s Mr Speaker and Topbrass Cotton, so it goes back to Holway Barty ;-) of course.
On the mother lines Puma goes back to Tineke´s Little Spica, a daughter of FT. Ch. Jedde v.d. Woodstreek.

Jet goes back to Tigathoe´s Rusty Rocket, who himself goes back to Topbrass Cotton and Holway Barty as well. So we are looking foreward to a very interesting breeding with dogs full of energy and working ability!


On Jet´s side, everything is ok, because his sperm was tested in advance in November at the Veterinary University by A.Prof. Dr. Sabine Schäfer-Somi DVM Dipl ECAR. No anomalies or pathogenic germ was found.

Pfeil  Picture album of Puma

Pictures of Puma:

Puma mit WelpePuma beim Training

Jet and Puma just before mating 21 november 2010: