B-Litter Aingeal´s Share - PLANNED FOR 2024!

We are planning to have a second - and last - litter with Macey. Puppies are expected approximately May 2024!


Paludic Spice of Life

C.I.B / C.I.E.
EvViva La Vita Forget the Fear

Hips A
Elbows & Shoulders clear
Eyes clear 17/02/2022
prcd-PRA: normal/clear
CEA/CH: normal

Hips A
Elbows clear
Eyes clear 2023
prcd-PRA: normal/clear by parentage
CEA/CH: normal by parentage


Hungarian Show-Champion
Working Test Newcomer 3rd rank excellent

International Champion C.I.B. & C.I.E
Working Test Beginner, Novice, Intermediate with 1.Prize
 Water rescue Champion LV, EST
 Rally Obedience Champion LV
International working certificate

DM: carrier
JADD: carrier
DE: normal/clear
CDDY: normal/clear
Cleft Palate: Normal/clear
Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly: normal/clear

Buff: D/D (normal/clear)

DM: normal/clear by parentage
JADD: normal/clear by parentage
DE: normal/clear by parentage
CDDY: normal/clear
IVDD: normal/clear

CDPA: normal/clear


Here you will get to Maceys website

Here you will get to Rinos website


Coefficient of inbreeding: 1,77% for 8 generations, referring to nsdtr.breedarchive.com

C.I.B., C.I.E.
EvViva La Vita Forget the Fear
Red & White 

DOB: 21.11.2017
Hips: A
prcd PRA: Normal/Clear
CEA/CH: Normal
COI: 1,23% (8 Gen.)

Tollartrollets Molle

Renarder´s Papaya Tamarillo

SE U(U)CH SE VCH Tollarbos Quiz A`Pollon

Duck Tail´s Muddus Regnbagsforell

Tollartrollets Snöflinga

SE VCH Tollarbos Ädla Älsa

CH Edéra of Great Pleasure

Red Hot Chilli´s Daydream of Viva

Alliance de la Vie Rubra Canis Nolan

Beinnbhreagh´s Great Pleasure

Alliance de la Vie Picsou´s Djingels

Ilka od Brendy z Serbinowa

PL CH Shaggy Toller´s Shady Sherlock

Georgia Virgo Vestalis

H SCH Paludic Spice of Life
Red & White 
DOB: 21.7.2018
Hips: A
prcd PRA: Normal/Clear
CEA/CH: Normal
COI: 2,68% (8 Gen.)

Evening Glow of Big Bear Lake

Solvingas Serri E Ba-Mi

Flottatjarn's Buck's Browning

SE VCH Kanadickens Sporty Spice

Sienna-Red Sweet Pepper

FIN/SE MVA KANS MVA Siphra's Indian Red Hawk

FIN MVA Siphra's Loving Starlet

Erikachen Lasadoir RL6ex

Dragonflame's Carnival of Light

FI CH SE UCH Hummelviksgardens Gin and Tonic

Nordwart Alva Illusia

ShCh Erikachen Aoife Dearg

Hedera's for Alliance

Camusmor Any Dream Uldo For Erikachen

Official Abbreviations in Pedigree Names (click to open)

ROM (Register of merit)


CIB ... Champion International Beauty
CIE ... Champion International D’Exposition
A CH ... Austrian Champion
AM CH ... American Champion
Can CH ... Canadian Champion
DT CH ... German Champion
H SCH ... Hungarian Show Champion
SH CH ... English Show Champion
CH ... English Champion with working certificate
SE UCH ... Swedish Show Champion
SE VCH ... Swedish Gametracking Champion
SE JCH ... Swedish Hunting Champion
SE J(T)CH ... Swedish Hunting Chammpion Tolling
FI CH ... Finnish Champion
FIN MVA ... Finnish Champion
KANS MVA ... International Champion (Finland)


ROM ... Register of merit
ROMX ... Register of merit excellent
WC ... Working certificate
WCX ... Working certificate excellent
WCI ... Working certificate intermediate
JH ... Junior hunter
SH ... Senior hunter
CD ... Companion dog
CDX ... Companion dog excellent
CGN ... Coonhound Grand Night Champion
VC ... Versatility certificate
VCX ... Versatility certificate excellent
AX ... Agility Excellent
AXJ ... Agility Excellent Jumper
ADC ... Agility Dog of Canada
CGC ... Canine Good Citizen
JAM ... Judges Award of Merit
HR ... Hunting Retriever (UH= Upland Hunter)

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