FCI Kennel Aingeal´s Share

Why Aingeal´s Share?

Basis for the kennel Aingeal´s Share was Gernot´s exceptional Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog "Monty" (Evening Glow of Big Bear Lake).
He had no offspring during his lifetime and so by bad luck his line would have almost ended. But we were so lucky to bring home his doughter Macey in 2018 out of a scotish litter in the Paludic kennel which is the kennel of our long friend Sally Sanford.

Sally used him on her really lovely and successful bitch "Lace" (Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic).


Macey is Montys solely offspring from Scotland, thats why we are incredible happy that all requirements for breeding under the strict rules of the FCI as well as the austrian kennel club and the austrian retriever club were overfulfilled.
Especially happy is making me the fact that she got Monty´s exceptional character and working abilities.

Kennel Name

"Aingeal" is the scotish-gaelic version of "angel".
During the process of making wine or whisky, producers often use oak barrels to store their drink products; when alcohol is stored at 60 percent humidity or higher, for long periods of time, some of it will evaporate out of the barrel. The evaporating alcohol is called the angel's share, alluding to the belief that guardian angels watch over the product as it ages.
Due to the porousness of the barrel, some of the liquor inside would disappear during the critical aging process. The result? A loss of about 2% of the total volume per year. Because the liquid would evaporate into the heavens, it was dubbed the “angel’s share.”
One of the biggest reasons alcohols like whisky are aged in barrels is to remove some of the undesirable parts of it. The “angel’s share” phenomenon further helps with the maturation and smoothness of the liquid, as it can reduce an almost undrinkable, high-proof moonshine into a soft, clean-finished whisky.
This metaphor of whisky making perfectly describes my form of breeding Golden Retriever and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Not only because of the aging process, but also because of colour and smoothness or softness and not to forget the aspect of guardian angels watching over all of the dogs out of my breeding. Of course the puppys pedigree names will be those of scotish whisky labels.

I am very pleased to breed eager and able working dogs of the breeds Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and Golden Retriever under the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) as well as the stricter rules of the Austrian kennel club and the Austrian Retriever Club.


Breeding program

In both our kennels, Duckweed´s and Aingeal´s Share, we produce litters when we feel the time is right for another puppy. We don't believe in producing a litter once a year or multiple litters throughout a year in one kennel. Our litters are planned very carefully, often years ahead, with breeding stock that is healthy, proves it's capability in gundog tests and is structurally sound. 

We aim to breed physically and mentally healthy dogs, with great working potential. This is the reason why we own retrievers of working lines!